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Perfecting Water View Photos


This photo was added after this post was originally written.  Margaret took the original photo I posted and was able to remove the grey, flattened look of the HDR image.  I don't which technique she used, so I hope she will add a comment.  Looks much better, don't you think?  Thank you, Margaret. 


I've been experimenting with HDR (High Dynamic Range) images combined with layering duplicate HDR images over one another in Photoshop Elements and then playing with the contrast and brightness sliders.  I then erase the windows (the darker image needs to be the background in order to do this).  I save the final result as a JPEG.

Here is the final result for one photo...

The original HDR image didn't show up the water well...


If I had just used a normal flash photograph, it would have looked like this..

I could layer a non-flash photo under this one and erase the windows, but it still wouldn't capture the details in the shadows or highlights that the HDR photo captures.

I'm trying to avoid the garish and unrealistic look that can result from HDR photos and just use it to enhance what appears to be a normal photo, so that it just looks like a very well balanced photograph.

If you want to learn how to layer and erase in Photoshop Elements, I just did a post on this.  You can achieve much of the same results even without HDR photography by layering a non-flash photo under a flash photo and erasing the window areas.  Check out my Photoshop Elements tutorial.



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Comment balloon 39 commentsGail Robinson • July 20 2008 01:27AM
Perfecting Water View Photos
UPDATE: This photo was added after this post was originally written. Margaret took the original photo I posted and was able to remove the grey, flattened look of the HDR image. I don't which technique she used, so I hope she will add a… more
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