Fairfield County Homes for Sale: Attention AR Addicts: Here Is How To Blog From Your iPad Or iPhone!

Attention AR Addicts: Here Is How To Blog From Your iPad Or iPhone!

Very cool iPad or iPhone app.  When Verizon gets the iPhone early next year, I expect I'll switch over to it from my Treo.  It's just amazing what you can do with this technology.  Was it invented just for us REALTORS?

This is the day I made half the agents in my office happy because I showed them that they can use Zipforms, the flash-based contract-generating service we use--on their iPads after all.  (iPad acquisition has been highly contageous at our firm; all generations of agents have been equally affected.)  For dear friend and colleague, Pat Kennedy, however, Zipforms was less important.  What counted much, much more was BLOGGING!  The same simple method enables her to write posts (yes, including pictures and links!) from her iPad or iPhone!

Check out Pat's first iPad-generated blog post here.

Now, what did we do?

Basically, we got a free application in the app store that enables her to connect to one of the places where she would normally write her posts or comments.  There are a bunch of "remote access" (our search term) apps, either paid or free.  The one we used is called iRemote, and it's set up in seconds. And it's free--forget about the "upgrade" or "sign in" demands for now; just click "new" and fill in the parameter (host server, user name, login) for one of the networks you use.  We went with Pat's Evers & Co. desktop at the office which happens to be Windows-based.

Once the app is set up, tapping it on your iPhone's or your iPad's home screen leads you directly to your virtual desktop.  The one on the left is the one I set up on my own iPad -- it turns the little Apple tablet into my office PC with all the virtual tours and client files at hand, except that it's touch-sensitive (same swipes and swishes make things bigger or smaller) and my fingers play mouse.  

Now for blogging, you can use it just exactly as if you were actually sitting at that host computer and start typing away on your blog (except, of course, that you are sitting at Starbucks or in the doctor's waiting room instead). 

Check out (below) Pat inserting a picture in her blog post.  Just like that.  It's way cool.

Go try it!


P.S.:Here's my CHALLENGE FOR YOU TECHIES AND DROIDS!! I love my iPad, but I'm just as much in love with my Android phone and would love to be able to make comments on the go from that as well.  Couldn't find a decent remote access app for that yet.  Any ideas, anybody?

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Comment balloon 2 commentsGail Robinson • November 12 2010 08:41PM


Gail, thanks for the reposting of this article.  I'll be getting my iphone within a month, so this will be helpful to go back to for information on how to use my phone to write blogs.

Posted by Ted Tyrrell, Selling Homes in Beautiful Victoria (RE/MAXCamosun (Chatterton)) over 8 years ago
Gail - Excellent information and tips on how to blog from ipod or iphone. Thank you for sharing a very good blog.
Posted by John Pusa, Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest) over 8 years ago

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